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NC DEC Purpose

export trade mission
Trade Missions

The DEC organizes B2B trade missions for North Carolina companies. 

advocating for exporters

The DEC is an advocate for North Carolina exporters. 

export mentoring

DEC members are selected to the DEC by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce for their extensive export experience. 


DEC educates through Export University programs

Export Education

Mentoring Exporters Through the Export Process

DEC members are selected to serve on the DEC by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce due to their extensive export experience. Many of our DEC members are experts in their specific fields, such as logistics, finance, legal, and businesses that have built significant export operations. DEC members spend a considerable amount of time counseling or educating companies on export topics. For example, they can help to answer specific export questions for your business and can provide guidance on how they have navigated certain issues. If you are interested in receiving DEC mentoring, please contact or call 704-333-0471.

Export University and Export Education Events

The NC DEC, in conjunction with the U.S. Commercial Service and other local, state, and federal trade partners, regularly hosts export education events. These events are organized both as Export University and other events. The purpose of the events is to provide education on export-related topics to U.S. small- and medium-sized companies. Examples of topics discussed at events include: export finance and getting paid; export logistics and documentation; and website globalization. For more information, please see the Events tab on this site.

Advocating on Behalf of North Carolina Exporters

The DEC is an advocate for North Carolina exporters. The DEC educates key decision-makers at the state and federal levels on export topics relevant to increasing U.S. exports, such as trade barriers and export resources.

Building the Trade DNA

The NC DEC educates students, from our youngest learners to high school students, about how exporting and international trade work. They tailor the discussion to the class' learning level, and make the discussion fun and interactive for students. If you are interested in having an NC DEC member come and speak to your class on an aspect of international trade, please contact

Matching Costs Associated with SME Export Business Development

The North Carolina DEC offers a small stipend to help with certain export business development costs. The stipend is up to $500 per pre-approved applicant per year (for small- and medium-sized companies). The NC DEC reimburses approved companies upon return from a business development event, such as a Gold Key Service, offered through the U.S. Commercial Service. For more information please contact Greg Sizemore at, or 704-333-0471.

Trade Missions

The NC DEC organizes business-to-business (B2B) trade missions for North Carolina companies.  Trade missions allow access to key decision-makers, buyers, distributors, or business partners in foreign countries and allow exporters to travel with other exporters to share their experiences and learn from one another.  For more information on the next NC DEC trade mission, please contact Greg Sizemore at, or 704-333-0471.

For more details, contact your local Trade Specialist or Tell Us About You.

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